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What is Falconry Based Bird & Pest Abatement (FBBPA)?  

Falconry is the art and science of using trained birds of prey (raptors) to hunt wild game.  This partnership with wild birds of prey has been documented for thousands of years.  Recent archeological findings indicate that the human-hawk partnership in falconry is as old as our domestication of dogs, horses and other animals. 


Falconry based bird & pest abatement (FBBPA) is using the presence of falconry trained predatory birds (hawks, falcons, owls) to haze, intimidate or drive away problem bird and animal species. It is not only for pest birds, but animals as well.  An example is to keep squirrels away from pecan and other nut crops.   The Chinese have used trained hawks to frighten nuisance birds away from valuable rice fields for nearly six thousand years.  Often, the mere presence of the trained raptor is enough to be effective in reducing or eliminating the need for less desirable methods such as: shooting, poisons, noise, cannons or lights.  Falconry based bird & pest abatement is organic, discrete, and extremely eco-friendly.   To learn more about this emerging green business, see our sister site:, PDF brochure on the site.  

The US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) allow only Master Class falconers to obtain an abatement permit.  This permit is a separate permit from their Falconry permit.  It allows falconers to conduct professional Falconry Based Bird & Pest Abatement Services. 


Some of the many uses for Falconry Based Bird & Pest Abatement: 

Airport Runways, landfills, stadiums, parking lots, warehouses, office complexes, industrial areas, farms, food processing plants, game-bird and poultry production, crop harvest protection,  vacation resorts, beaches, golf courses, outside restaurants; basically anywhere there are problem birds or animals.  US Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) link site:

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